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How Do I Find My League?

How do I retrieve/change my Password/Username

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How do I change my email address?

Where is the Club page?

Where do I go to see a Venues address?

How do I link to my Club? Open print version click here

MyDivision Member status or higher required

Why link your club?
You will have access to more areas subject to status granted by your Clubs Admin

The club name you entered upon registration needs to be validated, this helps ensure that you only have access to areas reserved solely for your club and your benefit.
Submitting Results and using our Match Reminder facilities are two good examples.

How to link to your club
a. Login
b. Go to a League that your Club participates in
c. via Control Panel/My Profile and click Add next to 'Club linked to' and then follow the onscreen instructions.
d. OR via Sport Index/Region Clubs and click on your Club Admins name and follow the onscreen instructions

  • Who is the Club Admin for my club on MyDivision?
    Their name can be found via Sport Index/Region Clubs or via the Club Page, the Club Admin shown is the receiver of all email requests to be linked with their club.

    It is the Club Admin who links you to your club, they confirm or reject your online application.
    If accepted, you will be linked to the club. This alone will give you extra access around the site.
    Once linked to the club they can grant you the status needed to submit/confirm your teams results online.
    More permissions may be granted if required by the club.
    If rejected you will not be linked to the club.
    Either way you will receive an email of their decision.

  • What if My Club has no Club Admin?
    You can take up the position yourself until you can grant someone else the Club Admin status. If you are the first from your club to apply you will be given the option to take up the Main Club Admin status during the application process.
    NB No one from your club will be able to participate on MyDivision until a Main Club Admin is appointed

  • I have requested to be linked with my club but I am still waiting?
    Contact your Main Club Admin by email to remind him/her that you are in their Club Members section awaiting a decision.
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    How do I link to my League? (League committee only)

    How do I enter a result?

    How do I know if my league allows player participation?

    Where do I go to see my stats?

    More FAQ's to be added soon!

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