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Where is the Club page?

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How do I link to my Club?

How do I link to my League? (League committee only)

How do I enter a result? Open print version click here

Team Admin status or higher required

A few things have to be in place before you can enter results.
  1. Must be logged in
  2. The league must allow Player Participation
  3. You must be linked to your club (see FAQ How do I link to my club?)
  4. You must hold Team Admin status or higher for your club
Please ensure you have your Help Balloons [?] turned On until you fully understand what is required when submitting and confirming results.

We will assume all the above is in place.

To enter a result In Tables & Fixtures go to your division, find the fixture and click on it
You will then be taken to the Result page.

How to help is located top of the right column
We recommend you fully read Submitting A Result Steps 1-3 and Confirming A Result by hovering your mouse over the blue text, if the help text goes off the page click on it, for it to open in a new window.

NB The 'Submit' buttons will only become active on or after the date of the match
The Home OR Away team can submit the result (whichever team gets online first), the opposition then fills in any missing info and confirms
Only League Admin can alter match details once a fixture has been confirmed.
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How do I know if my league allows player participation?

Where do I go to see my stats?

More FAQ's to be added soon!

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