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Northampton Lawn Tennis Summer League
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Northampton Lawn Tennis Summer League - Rules
Set: 01-11-2017

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Title
The competitions shall be called the 'Northampton Lawn Tennis League'.

Any application from a new club shall be considered by the Executive Committee.

Clubs MUST have insurance cover to at least LTA Affiliated Club standards.

Accepted clubs may apply to enter an unlimited number of teams.

What’s Changed; Drop LTA Affiliated ONLY as per current practice but insist on proper insurance cover. Also to allow the Exec to accept or reject new clubs.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Divisions
The League shall be divided into as many divisions as may be deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Executive Committee
This shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting. Officers on this Committee shall include: a) President b) Treasurer c) Secretary d) Fixtures Secretary.

The Committee shall comprise a total of 12 members, including officers, plus a representative from the Northants LTA for liaison purposes.

The committee will choose their Chairperson and this will be ratified at the AGM.

This Committee shall have the power to co-opt members but shall not contain more than 2 members, including officers, from any given club.

What's Changed; The process of selecting Chairperson specified.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting shall be held on a date to be fixed by the Executive Committee, at which each competing club shall be entitled to two representatives with power to vote, in addition to the voting power of all Executive members.

Votes taken at the AGM to be decided by a simple majority of those entitled to vote.

Annual General Meeting notices shall be sent to clubs by 1st October.

What’s Changed; Notice of AGM increased from 3 weeks to around 6.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Rule Changes
Any Club shall be entitled to submit proposals for rule changes for consideration by the Executive Committee at any time but by 1st September latest.

Approved amendments to the rules will be forwarded to the Clubs with the Annual General Meeting Notices by 1st October and voted on at the Meeting.

What’s changed; Dates for rule change proposals added.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Fees
The annual team entry fees must be paid at or before the AGM for the current Winter season and the forthcoming Summer season.
The team entry fee shall be fixed by the outgoing Executive Committee and notified with the AGM notices.
Team Entry Fee is doubled for clubs choosing NOT to participate in our League Sponsor's ball purchase scheme.
Team entries for clubs not attending the AGM are increased by £5 per team.
Team entries will ONLY be accepted if entry fees are paid at or before the AGM.
Guidance; 2017 standard fee is £15 per team in all leagues. Please pay by cheque payable to NLTL or BACS to NLTL at Barclays Acct No; 20668265 Sort Code; 20-61-51.

What’s changed; Now one payment for a whole years team entry fees including the current winter and forthcoming summer seasons.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Entry Deadlines
It is the responsibility of each club to make Team Entries and payments by the deadlines given below.

All Summer Leagues – Team entries and fees at or before the AGM.

All Winter League fees for the current season must be paid at or before the AGM.

All Winter League Team Entries to Divisional Secretary for that League by deadline of 25th April.

What’s changed; New rule to clarify team entry deadlines and who is responsible. Winter fixtures for ALL LEAGUES will be created in one batch and so all winter entries are required at the same time.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Playing Seasons
Unless otherwise stated any matches not completed by the end of the playing season will be null and void.

All Summer Leagues – April to August inclusive.

Ladies Winter League – September to March inclusive. Any team that is unable to complete their matches by 31st March due to postponements for bad weather should contact the League Secretary for advice.

Ladies Vets Winter League – Matches to be played between 24th August and 30th November. In extreme circumstances matches can be played after this date in order to complete them but this is at the agreement of the ladies Division Secretary.

Mixed Winter League – September to March inclusive.

Mens Winter League – September to March inclusive.

Mens Vets Winter League – Sept to Feb inclusive with March for rearranged matches.

What’s changed; New rule to clarify playing season for each league.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Internal Match Deadline
All Summer Leagues – All internal fixtures must be completed by 30th June latest. Failure to do so will result in the match being declared null and void and no points awarded to either team.

Mens Vets Winter Leagues - All internal fixtures must be completed by 31st December latest. Failure to do so will result in the match being declared null and void and no points awarded to either team.

All other leagues have no deadline for internal matches.

What’s changed; New rule to clarify deadlines for Internal Matches ie; Matches between two teams of same club. In Mens Vets both legs of Internal matches MUST be played. Result of a single may NOT be entered twice.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Fixtures
Fixtures for the forthcoming season shall be arranged by the Fixtures Secretary and must be played between April and August inclusive for Summer leagues and September to March inclusive for Winter leagues, unless otherwise varied at the Fixture Secretary's discretion.

Captains details should be updated on Mydivision as soon as the new seasons matches are posted on Mydivision to aid communication.

What’s changed; Summer and winter periods defined.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Fixture Postponements
Postponed / abandoned matches must be re-arranged by the Captains concerned. The new match date must be reported to the Divisional Secretary or included in the Notes for the match on Mydivision.

Abandoned matches must be replayed in their entirety. If a match is abandoned the home team should promptly offer 3 dates to the away team. At least 2 of the 3 dates should be on a weekdays except for clubs with no floodlights. The away team can choose from these 3 dates. More dates may be requested but the home team is under NO OBLIGATION to provide more than the first 3 dates.

Match dates may be changed but ONLY if both clubs agree and the Divisional Secretary is advised. Either club is perfectly entitled to disagree with any such request.

Guidance; Failure to change match dates on Mydivision may result in false Player Eligibility penalties being applied.

What’s changed; New dates within 7 days and match replay within 1 month both removed. Weekend replay dates limited. Date change requests clarified.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Playing Arrangements
a) All Summer fixtures will be weekday evenings and must have a start time of either 6.30 or 7pm. All matches at any one club must use the same start time.
b) All Winter weekday matches will start at 7pm except Ladies Vets where 6.30 or 7pm is allowed. Weekend fixtures are allowed.
c) Each player plays 4 sets. Tie-break operates at 6 all in every set. Visiting players remain on the same courts throughout the match.
d) Results are based on a points system: 1 point is awarded for every set won.
e) If two or more teams involved in Championship/Promotion/Relegation finish level on points then Matches Won , Matches Drawn , Percentage of Games Won and Head-to-Head result(s), in that order , shall decide.
f) Each pair plays 2 sets against each opposing pair in the sequence: 1 v 2 and 2 v 1 then 1 v1 and 2 v 2.
g) Promotion and Relegation between Divisions shall be decided by the Executive Committee but normally automatic for the 2 top / bottom teams except for 'reduced' divisions when only one team shall be promoted/relegated automatically. No more than 3 teams from any one club shall play in the same division except Ladies Vets where the rule is 2 teams as long as there is more than 1 division. This means that a team eligible for promotion may not be promoted if there are already the maximum number of teams from the same Club in the higher Division.

Guidance; If it looks likely that poor light may affect the end of the match then the captains should agree at the halfway point how to play the final set in order to achieve a result. A championship tie break or starting the final set at 2 all are both good suggestions.

What’s changed; Added one start time for each clubs weekday matches. Weekend fixtures allowed for Winter but NOT allowed for Summer. As Mydivision cannot calculate table positions using Head to Head this has been moved after Percentage of Games Won.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Accelerated Promotion
New teams will normally join the league in the lowest division, however, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, a team may be placed in a more appropriate division.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Late Arrivals
Late arrivals:
Any couple not on court and not available to commence match play within 10 minutes of the official starting time, forfeits the 1st set to love to the non-offending team with the score being recorded as 0-6.
Any couple still not available to start the match within 20 minutes of the official time also forfeits the 2nd set to love.
No one arriving more than 45 minutes late may take part in the match and both remaining sets are forfeit to love.
Penalty points for late arrivals may be applied at the discretion of the Division Secretary if requested by the opposing Captain. (see also the penalty points rule 16 below)

Ladies Vets only - No penalty for late starts, but please try to be prompt as a courtesy to the opposition. In the event of a player not turning up after an hour of the proposed start time, they will not be permitted to play and points for the sets will be awarded to the opposing team.

What’s changed; When does late become a no show? No shows attract Penalty Points so if the opposing Captain feels it’s a no show he can ask the Division Sec to apply penalty points.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Player Eligibility
In any given branch of the League (Men's / Ladies / Mixed/ Vets) within one season:
a) No player may represent more than one club.
b) No player may play for a lower team if they have played more than two matches for a higher team, irrespective of divisions. Upward movement is not restricted. This restriction applies to all leagues EXCEPT MIXED from the summer of 2017.
c) No player may exceed their match quota as defined by the quota for the team in which he / she most frequently plays.
d) No player may play against any opposing team for more than one team.
e) If the Committee considers that " ringers " have been used contrary to the spirit of fair competition it reserves the right to take any action it deems to be appropriate.
f) Eligible ladies Vets to be aged 40 and over by 1st August. Eligible male Vets will be 45 or over during the calendar year the match takes place. If his 45th birthday falls into the following year he is eligible only for matches after 1st January.

What’s changed; Match quota defined more clearly.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Penalty Points
Whenever points are conceded to an opposing team, the same number of points shall also be deducted from the season's total of the offending team. This does not apply to teams fielding ineligible players.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Penalty Point Automatic Relegation
In the event of a team conceding 10 points or more during one season, the offending team's results (all points won / lost / conceded) are null and void and that team is automatically placed bottom of its division and relegated. The accumulated total will include any penalty points conceded for late arrivals.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Balls
The home team shall provide 4 new LTA approved balls per court and meet any other court costs incurred.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Results
Results should be posted and confirmed within 48 hours on Mydivision.

2017 Northampton Lawn Tennis League - Disputes & Irregularities
Any disputes or complaints shall be submitted immediately, in writing, to the Executive Committee. All disputes, irregularities and deviations from the true spirit of the game will be scrutinized and dealt with by the Executive Committee, whose decision will be final.

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