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Northampton Lawn Tennis Summer League
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55 Fixtures
Last Updated: Mixed
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Mixed 2 Players Table [?]
Mixed 2 Fixtures
DateMatch SetsGames
01TBA Abington B - Harpole B
02TBA Abington B - LMRCA A
03TBA Abington B - Northampton C
04TBA Abington B - Rushmere A
05TBA Abington B - Towcestrians A
06TBA County D - Abington B
07TBA County D - Dallington C
08TBA County D - LMRCA A
09TBA County D - Rugby C
10TBA County D - Rushmere A
11TBA Dallington C - Abington B
12TBA Dallington C - Dallington D
13TBA Dallington C - LMRCA A
14TBA Dallington C - Northampton C
15TBA Dallington C - Towcestrians A
16TBA Dallington D - Abington B
17TBA Dallington D - County D
18TBA Dallington D - Harpole B
19TBA Dallington D - Northampton B
20TBA Dallington D - Northampton C
21TBA Harpole B - County D
22TBA Harpole B - Dallington C
23TBA Harpole B - Northampton B
24TBA Harpole B - Rugby C
25TBA Harpole B - Rushmere A
26TBA LMRCA A - Dallington D
27TBA LMRCA A - Harpole B
28TBA LMRCA A - Northampton B
29TBA LMRCA A - Rugby C
30TBA LMRCA A - Towcestrians A
31TBA Northampton B - Abington B
32TBA Northampton B - County D
33TBA Northampton B - Dallington C
34TBA Northampton B - Northampton C
35TBA Northampton B - Towcestrians A
36TBA Northampton C - County D
37TBA Northampton C - Harpole B
38TBA Northampton C - LMRCA A
39TBA Northampton C - Rugby C
40TBA Northampton C - Rushmere A
41TBA Rugby C - Abington B
42TBA Rugby C - Dallington C
43TBA Rugby C - Dallington D
44TBA Rugby C - Northampton B
45TBA Rugby C - Towcestrians A
46TBA Rushmere A - Dallington C
47TBA Rushmere A - Dallington D
48TBA Rushmere A - LMRCA A
49TBA Rushmere A - Northampton B
50TBA Rushmere A - Rugby C
51TBA Towcestrians A - County D
52TBA Towcestrians A - Dallington D
53TBA Towcestrians A - Harpole B
54TBA Towcestrians A - Northampton C
55TBA Towcestrians A - Rushmere A
Start times 19.00 unless otherwise stated
TBA = To Be Arranged
League visits: 4651
Mixed 2 visits: 144
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Divisional Secretary
Lisa Hodges-Cox

Team Contacts

Abington B
Jo Pearson

County D
Judy Searle

Dallington C
Lucy Austin

Dallington D
James Mcglade

Harpole B
Mark Bird

Anna Grime

Northampton B
Pippa Fisher

Northampton C
Jane Simons

Rugby C
Claire Victoros

Rushmere A
Trisha Harland

Towcestrians A
Maureen McAree