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Where do I go to see my stats? Open print version click here

MyDivision Member status or higher required

  1. Must be logged in
  2. Visit any league in your sport that records full match stats (players & set scores)
  3. click on Player Search in the Sport Index
  4. Enter your Surname and click the 'Search' button
  5. Click on your name to view your very own stats page

How to link yourself to your player stats
Note The first letter of your first name plus your full surname (shown in your Profile) must match exactly that of the league Player for this section to work.
  1. Do steps 1 to 4 above
  2. Select yourself from the results (click on the circle)
  3. Then click on the 'Me' button at the foot of the results
  4. Upon refreshing the page a short cut called 'My Stats' will appear in your My Index box
  5. To undo the player link, do 1-4 and click on the blue (me) next to your name

If your name does not appear in the search results
  1. You have yet to play in a fixture where full match stats are recorded
  2. The league may have miss-spelt your surname (try a search using fewer letters)
If you do come across a player being miss-spelt please notify your Club Admin or League Admin who can rectify the spelling mistake.

You can view anyones stats via the player search section or by clicking on their Surname in the Players Table or Match Details sections.

NB The Player Search link is not on show in leagues that only record the final scores
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More FAQ's to be added soon!

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